26 – Rooks To Cooks Founder & CEO Chef Shai Mandel


Back from a brief hiatus with our latest episode featuring Rooks to Cooks Founder & CEO Chef Shai Mandel. Before Shai stepped into the world of culinary education as an amazing entrepreneur and role model she was working a slightly different path. Hear how Shai went from a BA in Kinesiology to running 12 locations across Toronto for one of the most amazing culinary experiential experiences available for students and parents in Toronto!

To find out more about rooks to cooks head over to their WEBSITE Also give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram

25 – Goadilo Founder Keith Williams


Keith Williams founder and producer behind Goadilo sits with Accidental Apprentice Podcast. Goadilo stands for “Glimpse of a Day in the Life of” and that exactly what Keith does. He connects with people in their careers and provides a video experience diving into the day in the life of their careers. In our conversation Keith takes through why and how he started Goadilo, what’s been happening so far and what’s next. There is an amazing library of content that you must see when looking at the world of work www.goadilo.com




24 – EHRC CEO Michelle Branigan


Electricity Human Resources Canada CEO Michelle Branigan sits down with the Accidental Apprentice Podcast to discuss the bounty of opportunities in the Electricity Sector. She discusses with us the challenges to breaking stigma, championing diversity and holding an industry to the goals they set to lead the way in change.

To see some of the work Michelle is leading at EHRC or to find out more on navigating a career in the Electricity Sector in Canada visit their website www.electricityhr.ca

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23 – FACEIT Executive Producer Mike Bembenek


We are hearing all the time conversation that we don’t even know what the jobs of tomorrow look like. Well here is Mike Bembenek, an Executive Producer for an online gaming company. A career that 10 years ago no one would even think could be a thing.¬†Here how his career journey from Ontario, Canada to London, England crossed some shows you may have watched, from Degrassi the Next Gen to the Juno and Gemini Awards shows to recently filling the SSE arena, over 12,000 people, in London for a Massive Live Event!
No matter how new the opportunities can be in tomorrow’s world of work, hear how Mike highlights some of the most important age old skills which have also been huge factors to his success. Find more about FaceIt Ltd here www.FACEIT.com or check out their YOUTUBE channel

Music “Back to the Woods” by Jason Shaw From the Free Music Archive CC BY

EP 22 – CEO Natalie Prychitko


What happens when what you are doing for a career has you beat. You don’t feel the passion and fit you once did and are now wondering if you can ever find the success and fulfillment you once dreamed of?You have to hear how the now CEO of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce reached a similar point and took a chance, she simply spun the “career wheel” as she called it and took a few important things with her. Her commitment to hard work and dedication to always giving the best effort she can, no matter the challenge. As she shares with us the notion that you cannot learn if you do not try. To see some of the innovative and valuable work Natalie is leading at the Whitby Chamber of Commerce head over to their website or their Facebook page.

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EP 21 – Sheridan College Faculty Craig & Larry


Episode 21 has me sitting with Sheridan College School of Skilled Trades Faculty Craig and Larry in front of a live audience!We journey through both of their Industrial Millwright careers and discuss how they became Instructors of their craft. At the end of the episode we take some Questions from the audience and are able to hear from both of the Instructors what they hope for the industry that has been apart of both their lives for so long. Learn more about Sheridan College Skilled Trades Programs HERE

EP 20- Darryl Spector, President at Promation Nuclear


I am joined by Darryl Spector, President at Promation Nuclear. This podcast is jammed with content around career exploration, the looming demands in the skilled trades industries and so much more. Listen as we delve into the value of establishing hands on experiences into all sectors of employment and how that can make the next generation of worker beyond competitive with a more comprehensive skill-set. There is even a point in this interview where Darryl ventures from the Interviewee into the Interviewer! Darryl provides us with a no-nonsense review of our current career exploration formulas and provides tangible realistic ideas of how we can be improving it to the benefit of both the employers of today and employees of tomorrow.

Head over to Skills Ontario Website to learn more around Skilled Trades Exploration!

Ep 19 – Mediaplanet’s Jacob & Jessica


Wrapping up our series on workplace diversity, inclusion and equity has us sitting down with Jessica and Jacob from Mediaplanet.

Mediaplanet is currently underway with an amazing campaign promoting Women in the Skilled Trades (click here to see) and having spoken with them recently I knew they had a great story to tell in why this campaign was so special.

Additionally, I was able to have both Jacob and Jessica take us through their own personal career journeys, plus share with us what it takes to be apart of such an amazing and dynamic company as Mediaplanet. Not to mention we discuss lessons learned and the impact felt from working on the Women in Trades campaign to date and where this campaign is headed next.

For more information on Mediaplanet, head over to their site www.mediaplanet.com and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter to see the amazing work they are up to!

EP 18 – HR Professionals Nicole and Molly of S.T.E.P from OCNI


I am joined by Nicole and Molly who currently serve as the minds behind the Skill Trade Employment Pathway (S.T.E.P.) program in partnership with the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (O.C.N.I.). We get into all kinds of amazing conversation from classroom and situation tactics for diversity and inclusion to Nicole wanting a job where she could ride a horse. Not only do we talk about this local initiative but Nicole and Molly take us through their career journeys and how they ended up doing some amazing work from the world of Human Resources.

This episode was brought to you by KickAss Careers and their Workplace Equality Ribbon Campaign.

Find our more about this campaign for Workplace Equality at kickasscareers.org & on Twitter and Facebook

Ep 17 – Lindsay Amundsen




I am thrilled to be joined by Director of Workforce Development for the Canadian Building Trades Unions, Lindsay Amundsen. I’ve had the privilege to have known Lindsay for a few years now and am excited to have been able to get an episode recorded with Lindsay. Her journey into this role is a great story for everyone to hear. We discuss the work that she has been doing across Canada, collaborating with different Provincial advocates & with the Buildtogether Program, (more details here). We talk about diversity and inclusion in both the world of Construction and the Building Trades across Canada and just have a great time really.

Lindsay was my second guest in my series taking a deeper look at workplace diversity, inclusion and equity and she picked up right where Annemarie left off last week and raised the bar.

Don’t forget to check out the Buildtogether website and the Mentorship Matters video we talk about in the episode, links below.

Check out the Canadian Building Trades on Twitter and Facebook and their Website

Find Buildtogether on Twitter and their Website

Mentorship Alliance Video –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9g0xcNk2RM